Equity Release

dream holiday

Are you aged 55 or over?

Looking for a mortgage alternative?

Feeling trapped in an interest only mortgage?

Whatever the reason for boosting your finances in retirement, Equity Release may be the answer.

Using your Equity Release

You can release a tax-free lump sum from the equity tied up in your home and you are free to use the money in any way you choose…

  • Boost your retirement income
  • Settle your existing mortgage
  • Book a dream holiday
  • Buy a new car
  • Help your family onto the property ladder
  • Carry out home improvements or repairs

The list is endless, the choice is yours. What’s more, you have the peace of mind of staying in your home for life.

More About Equity Release

dream car

Equity Release is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK Financial Services market. As life expectancy increases, more and more of us find that we have built up considerable equity in our homes without realising that some of this can be released to help us consolidate debt, gift to our children or grandchildren, make some home improvements, or simply, book that holiday of a lifetime. Whatever we need funds for many of us are not aware that one simple method of achieving this is through Equity Release or what is sometimes referred to as a Lifetime Mortgage.

However, once a decision is made that Equity Release provides the solution that you are looking for we are then faced with a number of difficult decisions:

Decisions to Make

  • Which Company should I deal with?
  • Is the IFA qualified to give advice in this specialist market?
  • Will I be overcharged?
  • How do I know I am not putting my Estate Planning at risk?

Thankfully Cloud 9 Money Solutions can provide you with relevant answers to all these pressing questions.

We have partnership relationships with the major UK Independent Equity Release Brokerages.
We only deal with Fully Qualified Equity Release Consultants, not all IFA’s are qualified Equity Release Consultants.
We ensure our customers are not overcharged, and, will insist that all initial consultations are free of charge and without obligation.
Our panel of Estate Planning Consultants are on hand to see that our customers will receive the very best Estate Planning advice to ensure that all aspects of their Later Life Planning are protected.

So by putting your Trust in Cloud 9 Money Solutions, you are tasking us with introducing you to some of the very best Equity Release experts in the UK, who will provide you with the very best of advice, and, as all of them are Independent Consultants, will source the very best product available to suit your needs from all the Equity Release Lenders in the UK.

And, if that is not enough our Estate Planning Consultants are on hand to ensure that you are fully protected in every aspect of your later Life Planning.

Don’t delay, contact us today and we will be happy to arrange your free, without obligation, initial consultation.