Merchant Funding


Cloud 9 understand that cash flow for small businesses is essential part of growth, small business loans are always required Cloud 9 funding offers the alternative funding for businesses today. Merchant Funding is a way for your company to release cash either Short or Long term and the simplicity is that you pay it back through your card terminal that is used on a day-to-day basis.

Quick finance is one of the reasons why people are contacting us due to the long process and the Security that the Banks / Brewery are wanting in order to release any sum of money, whether it be £5,000 - £45,000.

Cloud 9 funding is here to see what is the best option is for you and your business, if the Merchant Funding is not the best route for you then we have other partners that facilitate Unsecured and Secured loans if this is the only options available to your situation.

How Merchant Finance Works

The benefits of Cloud 9 Merchant Finance

application form
Setting Up Your Merchant Finance

You complete your application form and one of our customer account managers will discuss your needs and what percentage of card sales you are willing to pay. The percentage you have agreed to pay begins to come off your card sales until the advance is cleared in full.

A term sheet is drawn up, you sign it, the money goes into your account within 10 days!

card payment
Clear Control

There is NO upfront fee just the percentage per sale that you agreed, capital that keeps pace with your card takings.

pay with phone
Payback As You Earn

There is NO repayment deadlines or banks chasing you, you simply pay only as you make sales via your card terminal.

system payment
System Friendly

Our unique independent split processing technology means that there is NO need to change your current systems or card terminal.

Benefits to you
  • There are NO repayment deadlines and the money is simply recouped via an agreed % of your future card takings / revenue made through your terminal until its fully repaid. After you have paid back 90% of the advance you can renew for another if required.
  • The advance gives you the liquidity to fund any future growth plans without having to overstretch your financial commitment.
  • The smart alternative to a small business loan. It gives you an Unsecured cash advance, equivalent to up to 100% of your average monthly turnover on your card terminal.
Merchant Funding for the following:
  • Bridging Capital
  • Refurbishment
  • Buying Equipment
  • Marketing
  • Major Stock Purchase
  • Funding a Special Project
  • Van/Car

We don't tell our clients what they should use the advance for We trust you know more about running your business than we do. This advance can be used for any purpose of your business.